How would you describe the music that you typically create?

• i create music to give others motivation to push them selfs on to bigger obstacles, my music has many flows i can go from rapping about the struggle , pain from getting into a chill vibe where someone can sit there and vibe to.

what do you think about the border situation and about Biden ?

• i think it’s really messed up , i come from being poor from my mother being a immigrant and i take it on big i think everyone should get treated the same , we all human beings.

what is the intake on giving back to the community?

• i want to give back in so many ways from sales people , from little kids who ain’t having nothing , also creating a merch clothes im going to give out .

if it wasn’t for your rap what would you be doing?

• I’ll be pursuing my other goal i had plan which is being a barber , some kind of hustle to get out the mud.

Are you a rapper that turned to a trapper are a trapper that turned into a rapper?

• im a trapper that turned into a rapper just trying to get out the mud the trenches.

what is the most tragic thing you been thru in your life?

• coming from nothing , being raised by one mother dropping out of school to hustle put food on the table .

thotty are hottie?

• haha thots will get the job done

home made tortillas are store bought?

• homemade tortillas fosho

if you could collab with anyone artist who would it be and why?

• i’d say
Lil Cj Kasino , King Lil G , Ant200 . People who underrated that needa be heard !

are you going to stay independent are try to get recorded deal?

• im very consistent with my music that it really don’t matter to me aslong we all getting paper & winning , but I’d say getting a deal.

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