Rickie Allmon, also known as Oyememamitag

Rickie Allmon, also known as Oyememamitag (born March 14, in El Paso,Texas ) is an American, rapper,
singer, songwriter. Inspired by many talents such a Beyoncé, Shakira, Alicia Keys and more,
Oyememamita has had a passion for music, singing and songwriting from a young age, from Performing concerts for her family and friends, to performing in multiple talent shows, to singing the national anthem, at El Paso’s beloved, Diablos Stadium. Throughout the years Allmon continued to perfect her craft and took To the use of Youtube, creating Singing and rapping videos.

After showcasing her talents as a singer, songwriter, rapper, Oyememamita continued to write and collaborate with many artists and producers in the San Antonio, Tx and surrounding Areas, all while creating her Mixtape “Steady Grinding” as well as releasing Singles, such as, “Know You Better” featuring Rap Artist, Gabe L

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