MamiG is an upcoming artist, born in McAllen

Singer, songwriter, performer, dancer, educator, youth advocate…the list goes on. It is clear that MamiG was born toshine.  MamiG is an upcoming artist, born in McAllen, TX and raised on the northeast part of Houston, TX.  Her hip hop and R & B music aims to inspire and restore the listening ear.

Born to a musician family, her paternal great grandfather, grandfather and uncles were avid accordionists and conjuntonorteno singers in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and the Rio Grande Valley.  MamiG’s maternal side of the family were devoted church attendees.  She often thanks her mother’s strictness, strong belief in God and prayers for allowing her to be alive this day.  MamiG was part of the church from her adolescence to adulthood.  MamiG was influenced by the Mexican genre of ballads, polkas, cumbias and corridos, as well as gangsta rap, hip hop and R&B.


MamiG began writing songs at the age of 12, but never realized this was a passion until life settled for her. She remembers wanting to escape her tumultuous upbringing and would use learning as her getaway.  MamiG’s focus on learning was so intense that she would repeatedly earn 100’s on her report cards.  She was able to use this type of mentality throughout life and eventually obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences Field from the University of Houston.  She began her PhD years later while being married, however put it on hold to raise her child after her divorce.


Although MamiG has a multitude of songs, her first single, “Do What I Do”, is set to release June 30, 2022.  This moment has been a long time coming and is expected to have a warm welcome from her already formed fanbase.

One thing MamiG lives for, is taking a stand for the weak and unprotected, especially children and youth.  Many of her songs are based on the struggles today’s youth encounter.  She has made it her mission to prove wrong all those that have written off so many troubled adolescents that she works with.

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