My name is Manny better know as KB when it comes to music,
I was born and raised in Austin and traveled back and fourth from Texas to monte Morelos Nuevo León Mexico 🇲🇽 where my family is originally from,

I don’t actually know what to call the style of rap/music I make
Most often I rap about what I’ve been through or am going through at the time ,

For example my latest track (pecados) translation (sins) is my first full Spanish project witch is about the betrayal I felt when a friend set me up and I was arrested recently, and about the system taking my kids away,
it was a bit difficult putting it together because of the emotions I was feeling at the time,
for the most part I just threw the beat on and freestyle most of it then had my close friend chinochase film it in total it was a 3 day project, 
The video itself took a day the song was 2days,

Back in 2004 I was in high school where  most of my friends started working on music while I was working a part time job and balancing school
That’s when I started to flirt with the idea of making music all tho I didn’t really drop anything until about 2 years ago

I think the biggest challenge in the music industry is keeping up with the ever changing styles, I remember when rap was about the story and plot not just about fashion money and women, things have changed a lot in the past 10 years tho, 

If I could have a feature with someone rn it would be between @caskey or @immortaltechnique caskey is new age but still has meaning in his music as for immortal technique he is a more political activist type of rapper witch is my go to type of music,

Unfortunately for the next upcoming few years I have to sit out and face consequences for things I have done and will continue working on music when I’m back home sometime in 2027/2028

Out of all my music I think the song LIFE Is my favorite bc I spoke on alot of issues in my life and how I was raised,

As far as my message in my music I just do me and hope people can relate there’s not a specific narrative or agenda I have, I just write how I feel and what I go through to express and relive the tension from my self,

Thanks I hope y’all enjoy the music shout out Latin Flava Magazine for opportunity 💯 -KB


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