Snowman:Where are you from?

blkout407: I am from Juarez  , I came to the states when I was around 13 ,

I’ve moved around a lot I was in Orlando Florida for a minute then around Texas and landed in Houston I’ve been in and out of Houston, but I’m originally from ciudad Juárez mexico

Congrats on the new track! How did the collaboration come together?

Thank you ,That’s my boy Gutta , he’s one of the coldest artists in the city , I’d been following his work for a minute and knew my boy was Mexican , so when I made “the immigrant” I just knew he had to hop on it , I sent it to bro and he fucked with it 

And we made it happen , s/o my boy king Gutta 

Fusing the two cultures together worked really well, did you find similarities between the cultures whilst trying to find the balance?

I’ve been on both sides of the border ,so I got influences from both cultures, a lot of different sounds influence my style , I believe I’m pretty versatile  

What would you call this style on music?

I’d call it “Spanglish R&B trap” I don’t know I make a lot of different music I feel like I can’t be fully categorized 

Tell us a bit about the music video, the vibes you were trying to create, were you able to film together ?

The music video was crazy ,once we had the record we knew we had to shoot a video for it, we was out in the woods n shit  we had “la mamalona” and everything . Shit was fun

What biggest changes have you seen in the music industry ? And what is the biggest challenge ?

I’m starting to see a lot of international collaborations which I really fuck with, people coming together to make real good music , personally one of the biggest challenges I see is becoming part of different industries at the same time ,that keeps me motivated .

what got you into this rap game?

What got me into the rap game, I’ve always been into music I started playing instruments at a young age, I’d listen to Mexican rap when I was younger and then when I came to states , rap was part of my surroundings and I fell in love with the art .

If you could do a feature with anyone in this rap game who would it be and why?

That’s a real good question , I got a lot of artist I’d like to work with , drake , fivio foreign and other Spanish artists as well but if I’d have to choose one I would definitely say drake, I grew up listening to his music and has always been a big influence.

What have you got coming up for the rest of the year?

I got a music video dropping February 14 for my song “broken” and many other singles that were putting out , I got a couple collaborations there, many great artist.

out of all your songs which one is your favorite one?

Some of my unreleased music definitely, but music I got out right now I’d say “the immigrant “is definitely top 3

What first got you interested in making your own Hip-Hop? Which artists do you most admire or look up to?

What got me interested in music was definitely learning how to play instruments , making live music is a beautiful thing that opened up a lot of doors. And as I said I got many influences

Fivio foreign,drake, 2chainz , ynw melly , rod wave , hot boii gloknine and also Spanish artist like ,mana ,c kan ,mc davo , Carlos Santana , anuel aa , bad bunny , I like to listen to music from around the world capo plaza, afuera ebbasta etc

Is there a message you are trying to spread out to your fans and many more who come along in your career?

Go get your money up and be a good person , what goes around comes around , put positive energy out there and it will come back to you, be a good human being , and do what you love . Be grateful be aware and stay safe.

Those are the things I try to do everyday .

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